Mobile Multimedia Distribution Platform

The platform delivers an extensive range of capabilities, including:

  • Supports any device operating system: Supports content versioning, updating installed platform & applications automatically.

  • Delivers any media format including dynamic text, forms, animations, vector graphics, image files, video and audio.

  • Provides full forms support at the client, with full standards-compliant backend.

  • Integration to enable true interactive functions at the device.

  • Integrates seamlessly with CBS, SMS & MMS delivery systems, enabling interchangeable message formats as required.

  • Full handset capability negotiation so the server is able to optimally adapt any download or streaming/online content to the specific handset for optimum use.

  • Full digital rights management capability; Flexible billing solutions.

  • Fully dynamic controls meaning totally flexible advertising and other short life content can be seamlessly delivered to each user based on any criteria that can be coded into the application logic.

  • The platform reads XML as well as xHTML, AVI, JPEG, SVG, MIDI, WAV and compiles executable bytecode that can be downloaded or streamed in real-time to any handset.

The platform has numerous additional advanced features.

Our platform makes the complex, more simple by allowing the same content resources to be delivered across all device systems in an intelligent, efficient manner with applications & services that successfully navigate network & device restrictions.






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