Compliance with Location Based Emergency Systems &
Emergency Alert Systems Requirements.


Requirements for Location-based Emergency Systems
REF: 20110628 Application of LBS in EAS - University of Wollongong


Location-based emergency systems are part of all-hazard alert and warning systems that include other emergency notification mechanisms (The Federal Communications Commission, 2005). Several national authorities, international standards organizations, and a number of specialist researchers have undertaken extensive studies to identify and document different requirements for different public emergency warning systems that should in principle allow support for all current and future emergency event types. In these studies, many aspects were given attention, including legislative, regulatory, administrative, operational, technical, organizational and ethical requirements. Some of these contributions have been by Mileti and Sorensen (1990), the Cellular Emergency Alert Systems Association (2002), ETSI (2003; The European Telecommunications Standards Institute, 2006a, 2006b, 2010), Tsalgatidou et al. (2003), FCC (2005),

McGinley et al. (2006), the International Telecommunications Union (2007), The 3rd Generation Partnership Project (2008; The 3rd Generation Partnership Project, 2009), Fernandes (2008), The Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission (2009), The Victorian Department of Treasury and Finance (2009), and Jagtman (2009), Sanders (2009), and Van Setten and Sanders (2009) under the European Commission’s CHORIST Project (2009).

In general, defining requirements serves several objectives such as establishing a standardized way of developing and implementing a system, prioritizing the system’s future functionality while providing guidance on the system’s expected performance levels, preventing duplicative reporting for the system’s stakeholders (The United States Department of Homeland Security, 2008), and ensuring that people who want access to LBS services during emergencies can have them in addition to other mechanisms they have traditionally enjoyed. With regard to location-based emergency systems, no explicit requirements, specifically legal and administrative requirements, currently exist anywhere in the world (Togt, Beinat, Zlatanova, & Scholten, 2005).

Nonetheless, based on the concepts and principles outlined in the abovementioned works, the following specific requirements have been drawn from the literature for location based emergency warning and alerting systems.


These requirements include, but are not limited to:    









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